In Ukraine, as in many other young democracies, protection of freedom of speech, free access to public information and struggle against the censorship are urgent problems.

International Contest Stop Cenzuri (Stop to Censorship) aimed to promote wide civil discussion on these matters.. Media environment is aware about the danger of censorship, but protection of basic democratic values needs to be supported by society as whole.     


1. The Contest bears no relation to any political party. The Contest is an instrument of self-organisation of civil society.

2. The Contest is organised by New Citizen Partnership (executor - NGO Centre UA)

3. Web-site of the Contest - www.1.stop-censorship.net

4. Ukrainian citizens, foreigners and stateless persons are eligible to take part in the competition

5. You have to be registered to upload your work.

6. Participants can submit unlimited number of their works to the Contest

7.Everyone can submit his/her work to competition or non-competition sections choosing respective option

8.The Contest consists of four categories: poster, slogan, verse, essay (up to 5000 characters)

9. Only works in Ukrainian, Russian or English are accepted.

10.Works are judged by Expert's and People's juries. Everyone can participate in work of People's jury (see more in Voting procedure) 

11. Work submission starts on February 16, 2011, and last till April 1, 2011. 

12. People's jury will start its work on February 16, 2011. Voting for internet users will be opened from April 2 till April 5, 2011, 9 days after deadline for work submission. 

13.Expert's jury will work from April 2 till April 10, 2011.

14. Work that will receive majority of votes in each category (poster, slogan, verse, essay) will be the winners of People's jury choice in respective categories.

15. Separately, expert's jury will choose one winner in each category (poster, slogan, verse and essay).

16. Award ceremony will take place on May 17, 2011 in one of Kyiv's art galleries. During the ceremony winners will be awarded with valuable gifts. Winning works will be exhibited in one of Kiev art-galleries. 

17. Participants hand right to use their work to Contest's organisers in period from February 16, 2011 till May 17, 2012, on condition that there will be an indication on the authorship. Organisers need this right to use work in promo campaigns in media and Internet. This information will be presented to participants before they submit thier works on web-site 

18.After the ending of the Contest a civil campaign aiming to promote contest winners will start 

19.Works whose content contradicts to the Ukrainian law will not be considered

20.Works that contain obscene language will not be used in outdoor advertising, in calendars with winner works etc. in other mass media channels that are accessible to minors.

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